Good Day, Fellow Lovers of Romance,

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I’m a writer of clean romance and you can find the latest about my published works as well as my works in progress right here.

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Newest release:

Songs for Libby

Libby watched fame destroy him. Now that she’s the one facing the darkness, will Sean be able to save her?

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All That Stands Between Us

Millions of men in the world, and she had to fall for the one who’s off limits.

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All Our Broken Pieces

After grief leaves her broken, Ginny finds solace in an unlikely place.

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If I Could Stay

They killed her mother, and if they find her, Leila could be next. Can she trust Jack to help her?

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Just Ella

A princess befriending a common gardener is bad enough. Falling in love with him is absolutely forbidden.

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Missing Lily

He knows her as Lily, but when Rhys meets Princess Lylin again at the palace, she’s not the one he came to see.

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Saving Marilee

Mr. Sutton seems all that is kind and good, but that’s what Marilee thought of her late husband. And she refuses to live that way again.

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Painting Rain

Lorraina prides herself on being the perfect Princess, but her growing feelings for a man far beneath her station have her questioning whether to follow her passion or follow the rules.

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Keeping Kinley

They were childhood friends, but Kinley can’t trust that Rylan’s interest is more than a flirtation. He stands to inherit a noble estate. All she would inherit is an orchard she tends herself.

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  1. I loved Just Ella! Thank you so much for writing a clean romance, that was just wonderful to dive into. I cried, twice! And I very rarely cry over books, but the romance was so delightful that I cried Ella’s tears. Thank you! I can’t wait to read more of your books. Good for you for keeping a clean story!

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