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To Betray a King

A Frog Prince retelling
Books of Dalthia Companion Novella

A princess tasked with poisoning a stranger.
A handsome gentleman distracting her from her purpose.

Faelyn is a princess of Morwen, or at least she used to be. Forced to flee her kingdom, she’s dependent on her cousin, King Jeshua, to keep her and her family safe. But that safety comes at a price. She must act the part of a commoner in order to administer an unknown substance to one of the king’s enemies or else be handed over to the man who usurped her father’s throne.

As she tries to find her way into a house party where her victim is a guest, Faelyn meets Bram. She retrieves something precious to him and in exchange asks a favor: give her food and a place to stay. Though their meeting starts with manipulation, she can’t help but like Bram, and he takes an instant liking to her. But she can’t possibly entertain feelings for him, not when her freedom and her family are on the line—and not when she’s being forced to hurt his friend. But Bram is patient and earnest, and his constant help and kindness are impossible to resist.

It can’t last though, not when she’ll have to flee the moment she’s fulfilled her assignment, and not when Bram will hate her as soon as she does.

To Betray a King is a Frog Prince retelling. It is one of the twelve novellas in The Shattered Tales, a collection of fractured and mirrored retellings of your favorite fairy tales. The Shattered Tales can be enjoyed in any order, so fall in love with the sweet romance, magical adventures, and tale-shattering twists one shard at a time.