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“From the Outside Looking In”
A scene from Just Ella
Told from Gavin’s point of view

A scene from Saving Marilee
Told from James’ point of view

Alternate opening scene from
Saving Marilee

A flash fiction piece not available anywhere else.

A deleted scene from The Swindler’s Daughter

Beware of Spoilers:

A scene from Missing Lily
Told from Rhys’ point of view

“Meet Tobias”
A scene from Missing Lily
Told from Rhys’ point of view

A scene from Missing Lily
Told from Rhys’ point of view

Deleted scene from All That Stands Between Us

Deleted Scene from
All Our Broken Pieces

A deleted scene from
If I Could Stay

A deleted scene from
If I Could Stay

A deleted scene from
Keeping Kinley

Truth and Rumor
Deleted scened from
Keeping Kinley

A deleted scene from
Painting Rain

A deleted scene from
Saving Marilee

A deleted scene from
Saving Marilee

Jana Eyre and my love of
strong heroines.
How Romance Novels are Contributing to Rape Culture


  1. NhiVan Tran NhiVan Tran

    I loved the extra scenes from Gavin and Rhys’ points of view but I must ask a question. Whatever happened to Gretchen? I would love to hear about her after reading Ella’s story as she was a good friend and very kind. Could you possibly write a scene about her after Ella’s story? Does she get married? Does she still work at the castle? I would love to hear about her if you have the time.

    • I honestly hadn’t thought much about what would have happened to Gretchen. I suppose it would make the most sense for her to have gone with Ella when she got married. Perhaps she became the housekeeper. I’ll have to give that some thought.

  2. Ema Lee Ema Lee

    I subscribed months ago, but I can’t re-access any of the free content. >:( I don’t know what happened!

    • Ema Lee Ema Lee

      And I would really love to be able to re-read some of the scenes!

      Do you have any idea why it won’t let me?

  3. Destiny Destiny

    I’m subscribed, and I got the email alerting me to the new Painting Rain scene, but when I click the link, it says that the page cannot be found. What happened?


  4. Melissa Melissa

    Hi, I subscribed last night, but haven’t received an email yet allowing me to read the free content. Help?

  5. Janet Craven Janet Craven

    My friend recommended your books to me two weeks ago and I’ve already read two. Your books are wonderful–full of adventure and good clean romance! Thank you for sharing your talents. I’m looking forward to reading the last two on my next holiday.

    • Hi Debbie, I looked through my subscriber list, and you appear to already be subscribed. The welcome email likely went to your “promotions” inbox instead of your main inbox. If that’s not the case, let me know and I will look into it further.

    • My records show that you subscribed in Dec. Did you not get the welcome email? It will probably be in your “promotions” folder.

  6. Barbara Dayton Barbara Dayton

    I tried to sign up to read content, but it just says something went wrong. Can you help?

  7. Emma Emma

    I love reading your Dalthia books all the time! So much that I think I’ve read each of them at least 12 times. I wish you would write more like those. Like one about Ella and Gavin’s daughter.

    • I’m so glad that you love them enough to read them over and over. That warms my little author heart. 🙂 I haven’t had any inspiration about Ella’s daughter, but who knows. Maybe it will happen. Right now, I have 3 short stories vaguely thought out for Cecily, Gretchen and Emeline. I *think* that will be my next project. But I make no guarantees. 🙂

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