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Developmental Critique Services

I now offer developmental feedback for authors! If you are looking to improve your story but need some outside help to do so, then maybe I can help. I critique young adult and adult fiction. Sweet romance is my favorite, but I will consider other genres. Contact me and we can discuss whether or not I’d be a good fit for your story needs.

What does a developmental critique include?

  • An in-depth critique (several pages) of story strengths and weaknesses with specific suggestions for improvement. Notes will cover:
    • Plot construction, including conflict, pacing, etc…
    • Character development
    • Themes, and how to improve the impact of your chosen themes
    • Elements such as romance, mystery, or magic systems.
  • Chapter-by-chapter notes will be included in the document, but I will also comment in-manuscript with specific feedback
  • Continued support for your questions during revisions through email or other means
  • Rate: 0.4 cents per word ($40 per 10,000 words).

*I cannot offer line-editing or proofreading services (those are not my strengths).

When is the right time to get developmental feedback?
After you’ve finished your story. Your draft should be complete, and I would expect that you’ve already revised it extensively. Developmental feedback should be sought and considered BEFORE you have your book line-edited because it will likely result in substantive revisions.

  • Payment: I accept Venmo or PayPal. A $50 deposit will be due with the signed contract when you book your appointment, with the remainder due upon return of manuscript.
  • Late Fee: Payment is due 24 hours after manuscript is returned to you. After 48 hours, a $10-per-day late fee will be applied. Clients who are over 2 weeks late in payment will be required to pay in full prior to subsequent editing jobs.