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Peter Pan Reimagined

Tales of Winberg: Book Two

A girl running from a forced marriage.
A boy determined to avoid attachment.
A lady masquerading as a servant.

Cecily doesn’t want to grow up—not if growing up means marrying. Having escaped a life of abandonment and mistreatment, she refuses to put her life in the hands of a man ever again. She’s happily settled into her life as lady’s maid to Princess Marilee when the princess’s personal guard, Falstone, expresses a wish to know her better.

His kind heart and playful nature pull her in, but while she would trust him with her life, she can’t seem to trust him with her heart. Not only that, but Falstone has pledged his life for the protection of another. The choice to give their budding feelings a chance is taken out of their hands by the appearance of Captain Huckley, the man she ran from years ago, who insists he has a claim on Cecily and her future.

With Cecily’s past rearing up and Captain Huckley determined to drag her away from all she cherishes, can she find the courage to escape him again and find her way to real love? Or will the captain force her into a life that’s not only miserable, but destined to end too soon?

A story about bravery and vulnerability, Hooked is a reimagined version of Peter Pan will carry you on an adventure that brings romance to the forefront of a beloved tale.