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Cloaked in Scarlet

Little Red Riding Hood reimagined

Tales of Winberg: Book Two

A girl determined to fight her own battles.
A boy desperate to protect her at all costs.
And a prowling villain with a deceptively charming smile.

After watching her two closest friends survive mistreatment and degradation, Emeline is determined never to become a victim herself, no matter how small and quiet she may be. She’s proven to others that she can take charge as a cook; now she’s proving to herself that she can handle any situation.

She’s trained hard with a sword to become a force to be reckoned with. Her determination to try her skills in a festival competition will require subterfuge, especially when Hunter, a young man from her past, ends up employed in the same household. When he takes an interest in her, she’s anxious to rekindle their friendship, but will his protective nature hold her back?

With Hunter leaving her breathless at every turn, Emeline longs to understand him and be understood in return. His past experiences have made him mistrusting and protective, but he’s not the only one who knows the world can be dangerous. Rather than hiding in fear, Emeline plans to be ready to fight any threats that may stalk her. But will her determination to prove herself capable lead her to ignore the warnings of those she loves and walk straight into danger?

A story about finding yourself and fighting for those you love, this reimagined version of Little Red Riding Hood infuses the tale with romance and emotional depth.