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Waking Roslyn

Tales of Winberg Book Five

A lady whose life is being threatened.
A servant who’s been trained to protect.
Will that be enough?

A Sleeping Beauty Retelling

Lady Roslyn just wants to go home, but home is where her political rivals want her dead.

Sent away for her own protection, she’s spent four years keeping her head down and longing for the day it will be safe to return. When she relocates to Bridgefield, she finds a place and people who accept her as she is and make her feel safe—most especially the manor’s groundskeeper, John. Not only can he protect her, but he can teach her how to protect herself.

When lessons in self-defense turn into whispered confessions and an ever-growing attachment, Roslyn’s desire to go home wanes as John starts to feel like her real home. Yet choosing him could mean never seeing her family again.

John would do anything for Roslyn, but trusting in their shared affection when she is so far above him in station is a risk when falling for her could put her life in further danger.

When Roslyn is called back home, John has to let her go. Yet his worry remains. Are her parents right in thinking the threat is passed, or will she be walking into danger?

A story about overcoming prejudice and choosing love, this deeply romantic Sleeping Beauty retelling highlights the joy of finding someone you can rely on and choosing them above all else.