It’s Here! It’s Here!

Songs for Libby is out there in the world, waiting to be consumed.

Let the nervous, fluttering, heart-pounding suspense begin!

For me.

Because that’s how I feel—every time I release a book. Waiting on pins and needles to see if people will buy it. Then to see if people will review it. Then to see if people actually like my precious little book baby that I poured my heart and soul into! The characters I shaped. The words I bled for.

Dramatic much, Annette? Why yes, thank you. But it’s allowed, at least for today. I’ll be rational tomorrow. Just you wait.

Photo by Carlos Augusto on Unsplash

Because as much as this is excited, it’s also terrifying.

I’m not what you would call prolific. I write a book a year. That means I spend a lot of time with my characters. I invest a lot of time, thought, and emotional energy into their stories. So, while I’m trying to make this a business, it’s also deeply personal for me.

That’s the way I like it. It’s the way it should be. My hope is that because of that investment, my books will end up being deeply personal for those who read them. A tall order, I know, but I can dream, can’t I?

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

So if you’ve preordered it, it should be waiting patiently on your kindle. And if you haven’t ordered it…well…there’s no time like the present!


Only TWO DAYS until Songs for Libby will be live and available. Only two days before it shows up automatically on the Kindles of anyone who has preordered it.

I wrote a rockstar romance. I didn’t set out to do that, but there you have it. Really though, the crux of this story is friendship. Not casual friendship, but deep and abiding, you-are-my-family kind of friendship. The kind where we put the other person first, sometimes to our own detriment. I explored a lot of that in this book–the boundaries that we set for ourselves, or the boundaries we don’t, but we should. The difference between being selfish and simply taking care of yourself. The pitfalls of taking responsibility for someone else’s choices.

The pain of letting someone fail.

It’s all there, and I tried to put it out on the page with as much honesty and vulnerability as I could muster. I wanted this book to be raw. I needed it to hurt. I expect it will elicit a more visceral reaction that my other books. I’ll be proud if it makes many of you cry. Because if I did my job right, you’re going to feel for Libby and the choices she had to make. The hand life has dealt her are worthy of a good sob fest. In one of my previous books from the Dalthia series, Saving Marilee, I dealt with some darker material, but most of it happened before the book started. So while you saw the results of her dark past, you didn’t experience much of it with her. For Libby, she has a different set of struggles, perhaps not as dark, but I’m afraid I’m throwing you in the deep end of it all. Good luck swimming.

That makes this novel sound quite depressing, but I promise there are all the lovely romantic moments. There is comic relief throughout. It’s still sweet and clean. It’s still heart-fluttering. And there is still a beautiful happily ever after.

So if you would like to dive into the beautiful story of a beautiful friendship that builds into something deeply satisfying, please go preorder now. And tell your friends to do the same. 🙂

Now, without further ado, here are Sean’s songs.

Leave—Glen Hansard. ONCE soundtrack

Amen—Amber Run

The Mess I Made—Parachute

You Are the Reason—Calum Scott

I Don’t Want to Love Somebody Else— A Great Big World

Who I Am Hates Who I‘ve been—Relient K

This is Me Trying—Taylor Swift

So Bad– Making April

If you would like to help me spread the word about the release of Songs for Libby, please feel free to go here and download any of the images and share them all over your social media! Word of mouth makes a huge difference for me, so thank you in advance!

Book Highlights

I have two new releases for you this week.

Knowing Amelia by Jen Atkinson.

True love can change the future—but it cannot fix the past.

Bella’s Beast by Marie Higgins.

Can Bella uncover the true identity of her beast and slay it before it destroys her once and for all? 

A Proper Scandal by Esther Hatch is on sale for $.99. I read this one and LOVED it.

Grace has two weeks to find a man to marry, after which she will be turned out of her aunt’s house.

My latest YouTube video:

Libby’s Songs

I’ve accumulated a pretty hefty list of songs that feel like they speak to my characters, so this time, instead of just doing one playlist, I’m going to divide it into two. This week I’m focusing on the songs that seem like they could be from Libby’s point of view, or have the dual point of view of both characters. And next week I’ll share Sean’s songs.

So, in celebration of Songs for Libby being released in only NINE DAYS, here are their songs.

Lest I scare you off with the angst and heaviness of the rest of the songs, I’ll start with the song that I associate with the end of the book. 🙂

♪ Lover—Taylor Swift

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Counting Down


Sixteen days, my friends, until Songs for Libby is released.

Here’s the thing.

This indie-author thing that I’m doing—it’s hard. And frustrating. And I seriously don’t know what I’m doing sometimes. All my marketing and launch ideas feel like one giant crapshoot. Will they work? Won’t they?

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Beta Alpha Delta

I’ve mentioned beta readers several times and I’ve had a handful of people ask me what the heck they are.

It’s like beta testing a product. When you develop computer software or hardware, you have to beta test it before you start to sell it for real money. There will always be coding issues that need to be fixed, so developers have to debug it so that users don’t waste their hard-earned cash on something that’s going to have issues.

Same thing with books. It’s a product, and my readers spend their hard-earned money on it, so I don’t want to sell them a product that is defective.

But how can a book be defective?

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Wanna See My New Book?

Shall we have a cover reveal? I think we shall.

My approach for this cover was different than any of my others. For each of my other books I’ve been able to come up with a pretty solid concept of what I wanted the cover to be. I always had a jumping off point that I could work with and develop until I reached the point where I knew enough of what I wanted that I could convey it to my husband and he could put it together for me.

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Indie Author Hurdles

The past couple weeks I’ve been doing my best to write the blurb for my next book. If you’re familiar with my ramblings, you probably know that I have a hard time with that particular aspect of preparing to publish. How do I make my story sound amazing and enticing, while also being completely honest about what kind of book it is and what people should expect, but without sharing so much information that it lands in spoiler territory? I’m crossing my fingers that it looks something like this:

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