Any Happy Little Thought

Hello friends, I hope your Thanksgivings celebrations were lovely and safe.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned my plan to write a trilogy of fairy tale retellings that will take place in the world of Dalthia. So I figured I’d give you a little more info.

Whose story will be first? Cecily’s. We met her in Saving Marilee.

What fairy tale will I be retelling? Peter Pan.

You probably expected me to say Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Maybe Beauty and the Beast? And I’ll be honest, that was my original plan. But when that idea just wasn’t panning out (har har. Panning out), I switched to a Peter Pan retelling, and I’m LOVING it!

I’m surprised by how much I enjoy finding little details from the original tale to include in my story in a fun new way. But I’m also having to strike a careful balance between honoring the original story and really making it new. Plus I have to honor the characters I have created, because if I can’t do that, I’ve utterly failed.

So, wish my luck!

And just for fun, here’s a text that I sent to two of my sisters (who are also writers). I had sent them a random note that I’d made about a scene I needed to write, which included the phrase, “and it’s all moonlit and romantic and they kiss.” So after I had written most of the scene, I sent them this:

So at least I’ve got that going for me. 🙂

Sweet Romance Highlights

Melodies and Mistletoe by Kasey Stockton is a brand new release!

She dreams of becoming a famous musician, and he has the ability to make her dreams come true.

Songs for Libby on KU

For those of you who are part of the Kindle Unlimited program, I’ve enrolled Songs for Libby in the Kindle Lending Library. Have at it.

What are you all planning for Thanksgiving? Are you able to join with family or friends? Or are you sticking close to home and keeping it small? Whatever your plans are, I hope that you eat delicious food and get a chance to relax and have some downtime.

I also hope you all stay warm. My dog just got groomed and is hunkering down to avoid the cold weather. The children are helping her in this endeavor.

I wish you all warmth, love and good reading!

Clean Romance Highlights:

Tis the Season! So it’s all about Christmas Romance this week.

Love in a Blizzard by Britney M Mills

His heart is closed off, her life is mapped out, and the snowstorm that forces them off course.

The Billionaire’s Holidays by Gigi Marlow. It’s only $.99.

The renowned matchmaker sees a spark between the billionaire and upcoming artist, and makes it her mission to bring them together.

Christmas Caralyn by Jenny Rabe.

A Christmas Carol with a splash of romance
The world’s most wonderful time of year can rot as far as Caralyn Benzer is concerned.

Dalthia Spin-off?

Another Tuesday. Another newsletter from yours truly.

So, here’s a snippet of news.

My next project will be a spin-off from the Dalthia series. It takes place in the same world. We’ll see some of the princesses. My main characters will be familiar to you because they appeared in the Books of Dalthia.

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