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The Importance of Hand Holding


I’ve nearly finished my first mega round of edits for my novella that will be released this fall. This book has Annabelle as my main character. Annabelle is my Tinker Bell character from Hooked. She is part of Cecily’s backstory but she’s not actually an on-page character in Hooked. Well, now she gets her own book!

Songs for Libby will be on sale for $.99 June 9-13th. I’ll be sending out my next newsletter on the 13th, and will be sure to include a reminder and a link.

Please, please, PLEASE, if you have read Waking Roslyn, please review it! I’m not sure why this one has fewer reviews, but if you could drop a sentence or two on Amazon, I would be profoundly grateful!

Story Time

One thing I love about writing clean romance is that it takes me back to those very first moments of discovering love and attraction. When a person is young and inexperienced, that means that every look, every word, and every brush of the fingers means so much.

Just finished a clean romance novel and now my heart feels like it’s wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket. Who knew hand-holding could be so intense? 💕📚

When I wrote Cloaked in Scarlet, I wrote a hand holding scene that is quite swoony, if I do say so myself. And then, I was somewhat appalled at myself when I realized I’d published ten books and I hadn’t written a dedicated hand holding scene before! For shame! Yes, there had been hand brushing, and a hero taking the heroine’s hand for dancing or other reasons, but having the couple hold hands just to hold hands was a new one for me.

Each time I write a book, it reminds me of all the ways that we can feel connection. Physical affection doesn’t have to be passionate to be intense. The smallest, sweetest gestures can make our hearts pound, especially for those who are discovering attraction for the first time.

I remember being at a youth dance when I was about fourteen. My brother was DJing, so I was sitting on the ground by his set-up. A guy that I had a crush on was close by, chatting with my brother. And then! He offered me his hand. It was his way of asking me to dance. With tremendous anticipation and lots of fluttery feelings, I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet. And then (dun dun DUN)! He kept holding my hand as we walked out to the dance floor.

Now, make no mistake, it wasn’t that far of a walk, but in my fourteen-year-old brain, it was VERY significant and completely swoon-worthy even though looking back on it, I can’t remember the guys name or face. But the hand holding—that made an impression.

Clean Romance Highlights

The Goblin and the Dancer by Alison Tebo is ONLY $.99 right now.

Grik the goblin secretly pines for the ballet company’s lead dancer, Rosanna.

Arianna and the Maze of Monsters by Alesha Adamson is a new release.

She is the bait. He is her captor. A monster awaits in a labyrinth of lies. Can she navigate the truth before losing her heart?

The Fae’s Bride by R.L. Medina has cottage core and fairy core vibes.

A busy witch. An enamored count. An enchanted villa filled with nosy sisters.
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