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My Inspiration

As my book has come together, I’ve realized that much of my inspiration comes from other books and movies, though not in the way you might expect. I am inspired by the scenes that bug me, the ones that don’t ring true.

There have been many times when I’ve watched a movie or read a book and an emotional scene will come up and I find myself disagreeing with the way a character reacts to the situation. Whether I think they are being overly dramatic, or cheesy, or just unrealistic, I end up rewriting those scenes in my head. I imagine a better way for the issue to be resolved, or a more satisfying emotional response, a Truer emotional response.

When I write a scene for a book, it’s rarely based on a plot point. Instead it’s based on an emotion. Perhaps that’s why it takes me longer than I would like to write a book, or to even know what comes next. I’m constantly fighting to come up with the next event, but my best work isn’t based on events and so it usually doesn’t amount to anything. Perhaps that’s why I end up stuck for months at a time. Who knows.


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