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Link to Purchase Paperback

I approved the paperback proof and was expecting it to take several days for the amazon link to go live. Happily, I was wrong about the timeline.

You can order your paperback copy of Saving Marilee now!

It will still take a couple of days for the kindle version and the paperback to link up together, but it IS there. So if you’ve been hoping to get a paperback into your hot little hands on or before May 1st, now you can!

Click on the amazon link below:

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  1. Ema Lee Ema Lee

    Annette, you are amazing. Pure fantabulously splendiferousness.

    I just finished reading the Kindle version of ‘Saving Marilee’ this morning, and the paper copy – which I promptly ordered – is due Wednesday.

    Your books (all of them) are SO good! It was so fun to meet Ella, Lylin and Raina again! Having Rhys and Gavin and Guin in the background was wonderful. It’s so nice to have the sisters getting closer and happier in each book.

    This plot was very engaging, holding my interest to the point that the kindle had to be dragged from me way past bedtime. I love the emotion that you carry into your writing. Your characters have real feeling that pulses and pours through the pages of your incredible books into the reader’s fingers, into the reader’s heart. I stayed breathless with suspense and delight the whole time. Characters, descriptions, scenes, plots, settings – all made the book excellent. Thank you so much.

    (I can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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