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Good News Times Two!

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since Painting Rain was released. In that time I’ve run a free promo on Just Ella and then promptly fell off the face of the internet to take care of this little snoozer.


Life is good here in mommy land.

I pulled out my computer for the first time in a week yesterday and was going through my ‘deleted scenes’ folder, hoping to find something to add to my free content page. I ran across this alternate scene between James and Marilee. If you don’t have access to the free content, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter (which is simply me letting you know when I post on the blog, as well as when I post new extras).

In the final version of Saving Marilee, James is called back to Sutton Manor before Lylin and Rhys’s wedding takes place. However, in my original draft, James stayed for the wedding, and the celebratory ball afterwards. The two gentlemen still vied for Marilee’s attention, becoming a little too hands on and scaring her. In the final version, it’s Lorraina that finds her afterwards, but in the original it was James. I changed it because I felt that Marilee needed more time to come to grips with her trauma in her own way. This new content is the deleted version of that scene.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.22.47 PM

I’ll keep combing through my other ‘deleted scenes’ folders to see if I can’t find more scenes to share.


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