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I Choose You—NEW Deleted Scene

I’ve got a new deleted scene for you all to enjoy! This one comes from All That Stands Between Us, and it’s an alternate version of Julie and Drew’s reunion.

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Here’s the beginning…

My breath hitched as I forced myself to rap my knuckles on the door, then stepped back, my heart in my throat.

I heard his footsteps approach the door and my stomach clenched with nerves. The door swung open and Drew’s face twitched in surprise.

“I graduated,” I blurted without preamble.

He looked me over for just a moment, obviously surprised to see me, before saying, “I know.”

“And it should have been a good day. And I guess it was, sort of, better than it could have been, but it still wasn’t good good.” 

“Okay.” His voice was quiet and there was a question in it…

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Weekly Book Highlights

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