Springback by Jana Miller

I’m hosting my first Giveaway for another author! In support of my sister, editor, and now first time author, Jana, we’re offering a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. So, go check out her website and social media and give her some follows. Jana is a great writer and has crafted a fun YA adventure (no romance) suitable for all ages.

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Springback Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to post this cover reveal! Most of you have heard me talk about my awesome editor, Jana Miller. She also happens to be my sister, and in a few weeks she will be an author! In addition to being an amazing editor, she’s also a fantastic writer and has finished her first YA novel about time manipulation. It’s such a fun read.

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Empathy, Validation, and Vocabulary

I was contacted last week by a good friend of mine from High School. Abi does short interviews with all kinds of people on all kinds of topics using SpareMin. This week she wanted to interview different people about the value of literature and she asked if I’d have a couple minutes to talk with her. Of course, I said, “Yes!”

As I thought about the topic, there was no lack of ideas that came to mind, but the three that made their way to the top of my list were these:

  1. Books teach empathy.
  2. Books can validate our own experience.
  3. Books give us an emotional vocabulary.

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