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Author Signing Wrap-up

First, a reminder: Today is the last day to enter this giveaway! Fill out the google form for a chance to win both of these paperbacks.

In other news, I had the chance last Saturday to do my very first in-person author event ever. I know, I know. It’s been more than ten years, Annette. What took you so long?

The answer is: mostly social anxiety, imposter syndrome, and a fear of rejection.

Now that I’ve done it, I’m kicking myself. I really wish I’d been brave enough to do this a long time ago. I had such a lovely time. All the authors I gathered with were so nice. All the people that came to browse books were my kind of people. And there were a handful of readers who I had the opportunity to speak with who reminded me of why I do what I do. It was the teen who brought her own stack of my books for me to sign. It was the young mother who just recently discovered one of my books and let me know that it was the book she didn’t know that she needed until she read it. I’ve always written books for those kindred spirits who use books to heal, and meeting some of those kindred spirits in person was a tremendous boon to my soul.

So, knowing what I know now (that’s it’s not so scary, and I will not only survive it, but enjoy it) I’ll be on the lookout for more such opportunities.

Clean Romance Highlights

Amy Martinsen has a new romantic suspense release called The Pitch. Available in KU.

Kate doesn’t know if the sound is human. What she does know is that she’ll never forget it.
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