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For the past three months I’ve had a hiatus from blogging on my family blog. I would love to say that my hiatus was due to the fact that I’ve been delving into my writing and making lots of progress both editing my first book and getting farther along in the story of my second book. But that’s not the case. My hiatus was due to iweb not working. So I ho’d and hum’d about what to do about blogging instead of actually Doing anything. But I’m back, so here we go.

Now, it’s not like I haven’t had any progress on my books in the last three months. I have. I had a ton of people reviewing and commenting on the chapters of my first book and I’ve been doing a lot of nitty gritty nit-picky editing stuff. As least up until the last month. In the last month I have done NOTHING. I could use the excuse of being busy, but that’s really not true. My reason for not writing is the same reason I haven’t done dishes today: I. don’t. wanna. I haven’t had the desire, or inspiration or whatever to write anything. I haven’t even looked at the files for my books in several weeks. Not because it’s off my radar, but because…just because.

Can you feel my frustration? Cause I sure can. Waa.

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