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This Is The Life

This is The Life

Firstly, two orders of business.

#1. Just Ella has been published!! Hopefully this is old news, but I thought I should do an official post about it, because I never really get tired of saying it. So if you would like a digital copy, go here:

It’s available only for kindle right now. If you don’t have a kindle and still want the digital copy, there are all sorts of kindle reading apps that go on phones or tablets, etc… Or you could wait until it’s available for Nook, on smashwords, etc… That will happen in about 3 months.

#2. Print copies. If you prefer your books to be printed with real ink on real paper, then good news! Paperback copies of Just Ella should be available next week. I’m not sure the exact date, but I will let you know.

Now on to the sentimental stuff.

Just Ella was published on Thursday, so I spent the whole day trying to get the word out and making sure that everything was squared away and going smoothly. In the midst of my launch day, I was also taking care of my kids, just like every day. Around noon, I was sitting at my computer, still in my PJs, bouncing my littlest on my knee (he’s only 2 months old) and trying to type one handed. At that point I thought to myself, rather sarcastically, “This is the life”. But then I thought about it a little more and realized, this really IS the life. This is the life I want. It’s beautiful and hard. I get to stay home with my babies AND write books. How wonderful is that? I get to rock my baby to sleep while checking sales stats on my phone. I get to work with my husband on images and marketing strategy. Live the American Dream? Check.

This is the life.


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  1. Chistina Chistina

    Thank you for writing such a lovely book! I LOVED it!! Please keep writing and publish another book soon. 😉 I love clean romance that I can read again and again and pass to my girls. I will buy a hard copy too when it comes out.

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