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My Head is Spinning

Not gonna lie, I’m shocked at how well Just Ella is being received. Granted, I really had no idea what to expect. I just wanted to get it out there in the hope that someone, anyone would appreciate it. Of course there was always the little girl in the back of my head, jumping up and down with clasped hands, saying, “Maybe LOTS of people will LOVE it and it will be the BEST thing EVER!!” But of course I tend to shush her a lot because, as you can see, she’s a little over enthusiastic.

I don’t know what the norm is for the success of a debut novel, but whatever my vague expectations were for myself, they have certainly been exceeded. I’ve been one happy lady the past week, often resembling that little girl in the back of my head, doing an embarrassing amount of smiling and jumping.

So I wanted to give a big THANK YOU with bits of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on top (b/c that’s the best topping in my opinion) to all who have bought and read my book. You have my sincere appreciation.

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  1. Jana Miller Jana Miller

    You are so cute with the enthusiastic little girl and the PB cups! I’m so glad it’s doing as well as it should!!

  2. Christine Christine

    Heehee, cutest post ever! I’m so proud of you, you worked really really hard for this!

  3. Robyn Robyn

    I just finished another romance and it was no where close to the quality of your book. Seriously! You may have ruined any other love story for me. I guess I will have to read Just Ella again!

  4. Shannon hardy Shannon hardy

    I LOVED your book! I read the kindle first and just purchased the book for my daughters! Keep up the good work! I see more amazing stories coming from you! I am now a loyal fan and am spreading the word to all my reading fanatic friends! Thanks so much! Shannon

  5. Melissa Laing Melissa Laing

    LOVED IT!!! And my 6 daughters will too! I got a copy off amazon and now I must have a paper copy my teens are going to love this book:} I search for clean books for my girls and I and love a fairy tale and yours was perfect!!!! It fell right into the Edenbrook, Goosegirl, Ella Enchanted category for me and that is some high praise! I can’t wait for your next book:}

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