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September is for My Sister

I have a sister.

She’s compassionate, wonderful and talented. She’s married to an amazing man who’s held her up and cried with her as they’ve battled through the aching and sorrow of infertility. They’ve held hands and cried tears of joy as they discovered their IVF treatment gave them a baby, then sobbed with the kind of grief I’ll never know when that miracle was lost through a miscarriage. Then they did it all over again. Three rounds of IVF. Two joyous pregnancies. Two heart breaking miscarriages.

Before they started IVF, our family rallied the troops and helped them raise money to pay for their chance to have their very own kids, from their very own DNA. Now that they’ve exhausted that option, we’re rallying behind them again as they wait and hope and pray and desperately long to have a mother find their adoption profile and choose them to raise her sweet baby, to give them the chance to become parents, because despite the valiant efforts of doctors, they’ve accepted that they won’t have one the usual way.

They’ve been married seven years and through that time I have seen them grow and stretch and reach toward each other and to God to give them the strength and the patience to wait.

So now I want to do what I can to help them get their little one. I don’t want them worrying about money when they have so much more to worry about. For the month of September, I want to have a record sales month, so that I can donate all of my royalties to help get them a little closer to covering the cost of adopting the baby that I know is waiting for them.

Will you guys help me out? Can you recommend any of my books to a friend or two? Maybe write a review and share it on social media? Can you share their story? Share their adoption profile? Can you say a prayer for them, or just wish them well?

I have a sister and a brother-in-law who want nothing more fiercely than to bring a baby into their home. Will you help us out?

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