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2021 Ended

The end of another year.

I’m constantly reminding myself to take a chill pill each time I remember that I went an entire calendar year without publishing anything.

I wish I was faster. I do. But, I keep reminding myself that it’s okay that the schedule is different this time, because I’m doing things a little differently on purpose. Yes, you’ll have to wait longer between my last release and my next, but once I release my next book…You’ll get a mini flood of books from me.

It will start with Hooked.

She’s free to fly if her past doesn’t catch up with her. 
But what if she’s ready to fall for him instead?

Then a month later, I will release my Little Red Riding Hood book, which had a title, but that title might be changing. And a month after that, I will release….my Robin Hood retelling…which also doesn’t have a name yet. *hangs head in shame* I finally had to admit that I need to finish the book before I can truly pick a title.

I wish I could give y’all a release date, or a solid time frame. But the best I can do is say that I would like to have Hooked on pre-order in March. So hopefully it will be a spring filled with fairytale releases from me.

After what turned out to be a really wonderful holiday break, my kids are back at school, and I’ll hopefully be back at the grindstone. I’m supposed to give my first draft of Book 3 to my editor at the beginning of February, so that deadline should give me the kick in the pants that I need. I’m having a lot of fun with Miriam and Rowan. I know a lot about their backstories, which helps tremendously with character development and secret sharing and being vulnerable. I just gotta make sure there is plenty of chemistry with it. (It’s SCIENCE!)

If you want to watch me chat about how Just Ella came to be, here’s a video on that.

And if you want to see me rant about CATS, here’s a video on that.

If you want some suggestions for free or cheap clean romances…

Clean Romance Highlights

The Kiss of a Stranger was the first book of Sarah’s that I read years and years ago. It’s only $1.99.

This impulsive kiss is not without consequences.

Saving Shadow by Laura Beers is $.99.

For England’s top spy, love is not an option
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