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At Summer’s End

This summer has been…I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe that’s because the last week has chewed me up and spit me out. If I were more clear headed it would be easier to just label it as busy. It was certainly that. We went. We did. We traveled. We camped. We visited. We were visited by others.

There was lots of family. Lots of friends. Lots of time with our kids in different places.

There were beautiful highs and horrifying lows. It was a summer packed full of busy living. Maybe it was too much for a homebody like me.

While I’m grateful for much of the busyness, and happy that we were able to go and participate and support, I’m ready for the slow down. I’m ready for quiet.

You guys. I get to have quiet. In just a couple weeks, I will have an entire school day’s worth of quiet. All five of my kids will be in school full time. There will be no littles at home. I’ve been deep in the throws of mommihood for nearly sixteen years, and in a couple weeks, there will be quiet.

What in the world am I going to do with myself? I mean, I KNOW what I’ll do. I have plenty of plans for what I might do, most of which center around getting my third fairy tale retelling written and getting the Tales of Winberg series out and into the world and into your hands.

I have hopes that I’ll be disciplined enough to do that in a timely manner, but I also know that I’m fairly distractible and if the creative bug isn’t biting, it will be a challenge to sit my butt in the chair and do the work.

Still. There will be so much more time to do that. Right? I anticipate a lot more time to do that, but people keep telling me that my days alone at home will fill up quickly with other things. So, I’m doing my best to manage my own expectations.

In the meantime, I have to finish school shopping.

And while I shop for school supplies and wait for the quiet to come, I have three different edits that I need to implement. A beta read, a proofread of Hooked, and a developmental of Hunted. If I can get those done before school starts, then I’ll be able to jump straight into drafting my Robin Hood retelling (which was going to be titled HIDDEN, but that title is on the chopping block). I’m fairly certain I have some really helpful notes written down in a notebook somewhere that is supposed to help me figure out the right place to start that story, so here’s hoping I can find said helpful notes when the time comes.

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