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The Girl on the Cover

The photo of Elise that I ended up using for The Starling and the Hatter is one I’ve kept in mind for years.

Back when I was writing Keeping Kinley and looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Shutterstock, I can across this series of photos.

I loved this girl. I loved her look, her outfit, her hair. But then I took my foray into contemporary books and left the peasant photo shoots behind until I started writing the Tales of Winberg series. And when I ran across the photo with her holding her dress and quirking her foot off to the side, I saved the link. Cecily and Miriam weren’t blonde, and Emeline needed a fighting stance, but that photo seemed just PERFECT for an Alice character. I’m so glad I finally got to use it, and that I was able (after much difficulty) to find a hatter character for my cover as well.

I also am loving the autumn vibes of this cover. It makes me happy. Saturated colors make me happy. This is something I’ve known about myself, but has come to the forefront lately. While I find light and airy photos with pale colors to be pretty, they don’t speak to me and bring me calmness the way that deep, saturated colors do. What does that have to do with writing? Absolutely nothing.

So I’ll end with a reminder that the ebooks of Just Ella, The Swindler’s Daughter, All That Stands Between Us, and All Our Broken Pieces are all still on sale.

And The Starling and the Hatter is up for preorder and releases on January 17th.

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