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Clues for my Next Book

I’m pushing pause on my Tales of Winberg series and working on a multi-author collaboration. We’re not doing official announcements yet, but I figured I’d give some little teasers about the novella I’m writing. Don’t worry, this story still exists in my Dalthia/Winberg world. In my head I’m calling it The Fraught Princess, because of the fairytale it’s inspired by (cryptic, but I’m sure you can figure it out 😉), but that won’t be its official title.

How does it tie into my Dalthia world?

  1. You’ve met the villain before in Just Ella
  2. You’ve met the love interest in Keeping Kinley
  3. The house where most of it takes place belongs to one of my previous main characters
  4. Multiple different couples whom you’ve routed for before will be in attendance

In other fun news, I’ve been having fun tinkering with AI art apps, and have been able to create some images from my Dalthia and Winberg worlds, and thought I’d share!

Ella and Gavin
The garden room

There are plenty more that I’ve posted on my instagram if you’re interested!

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