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Learning to Bend

If we insist on being rigid, things will come into our lives—trials, sorrows, pains—that will press upon us until we learn to bend.

I was thinking about this the other day, and as I wrote it down just now, it occurs to me that this is the crux of story-telling. This concept is what makes plot. A character has a misconception about themselves or the world. They hold that rigid stance, and throughout the book, they will be forced to encounter and deal with pains and trials that will force them to change. They will require our characters to learn, accept, grow, adapt.

Of course this makes good story telling because it mirrors life. Rigidity is often the thing that prevents empathy. So we can be rigid, believing we are right, and we can bask in that rightness and wear it proudly. But in doing so, we often alienate ourselves. Rigidity does not invite people in. It pushes them out. We all have to make judgment calls for what we will and will not accept. Healthy boundaries are healthy. But if the line you’ve drawn in the sand is keeping you from connecting to those you wish to love, perhaps it’s time to bend.

That concludes the musing portion of my post. Now for some joy.


We are now a two-dog household. My other dog is an absolute sweetheart, but she’s officially an old lady dog and is showing her age. We’re hoping this little man will bring some youthful energy into the house and to her especially. They are getting used to each other and it looks like they will end up being good pals. And of course my kids are excited to have a dog who really likes to play since Miss Piggy (my senior dog) enjoys nothing more than laying in her comfy bed and snoring loudly.

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Clean Romance Highlights

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Princess Gabriella wasn’t cursed at birth like the other royals.
Prince Wesley ‘s curse prevents him from being king unless someone loves him for himself and not his crown.

Sarah Beran will have her book, Chords of Green and Gold for FREE starting next Tuesday the 25th. I’ll put reminders up on social media.

Lorin Grace has a new christian western romance, Converting the Preacher’s Heart.

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