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New Series Announcement!

I’m so glad to be able to officially tell y’all about my next book! And about the series that it’s a part of. First off, the new series is called The Shattered Tales!

I was invited to join a group of clean romantic fairytale authors who would each choose a fairytale and do a retelling, focusing especially on the themes of water, glass, ice, reflection, etc… There are twelve books all together, and the first book releases September 26th.

Secondly, my title!

Releases Oct 3rd

I can’t share the cover yet, but if you’d like to help me with a cover reveal, send me a message so I can keep you in the loop.

My book will be a Frog Prince retelling, and if you’d like some clues as to what the other novellas will be based on, and have a chance to see who is involved, check out this fun REEL.

And I’m super excited to share that my love interest in this book is Bram Mantock! You may remember him from Keeping Kinley. He’s Aveline’s brother (and I’ll be super impressed if any of you actually remember a random side character). I loved him when I wrote him into that book and I was super stoked to have a chance to make him a hero.

As always, if you want to be part of my street team, where I organize advance reader copies and ask for your help getting the word out, please join this FB group.


I’ve also joined up with another group of authors to provide a big GIVEAWAY!

Not only do you get EIGHT paperbacks, but there’s also several other fun prizes. Click the photos to follow the link and enter to win! This giveaway is open to the US and will run all of MAY.

Clean Romance Highlights

Lucy McConnell‘s Her Awkward Blind Date with the Billionaire is in KindleUnlimited. Though I haven’t read this particular book, I’ve read quite a few of Lucy’s books (she has a LOT) and they’re all clean and fun. She believes that clean romance books should keep you up past your bedtime, have strong female leads, and have happy endings. Go check her out!

A blind date gone wrong may be the best thing that happened to these two lonely hearts.
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