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Allow Me to Introduce…

For those of you who might have missed it on my socials, I thought I’d do an intro for the hero and heroine of Waking Roslyn.

Releases April 11th in ebook, paperback and KindleUnlimited.

Unlike the Sleeping Beauty from the Disney movie, Roslyn knows her life is in danger. She’s lived with that knowledge for a long time and has to live her life to the fullest anyway. Some days it’s harder than others, but a change of scenery has left her more hopeful than she’s been in years—especially after she meets John.

John has been with me since before the beginning of my fairytale retelling journey. He was a little kid in Saving Marilee and has played a significant role in Hooked, Cloaked in Scarlet, and The Swindler’s Daughter. Now he finally has his own story! Hopefully you enjoy getting to know him!

I ordered the proof copy of the paperback last week, and as I was formatting it and putting in last minute changes, I asked my editor if there was anything else she could think of that I needed to tweak. She was brave enough to tell me yes. She wanted more banter, and while I did grumble a little bit, I ended up being really happy that she said something. That little bit of comic relief that she reminded me to sprinkle in made a big difference. Maybe y’all wouldn’t have noticed it, but I was surprised by how much better I felt after making those last additions.

Having gotten to this point is a big relief for me, and now that it’s reached its very-nearly-complete stage, it’s giving me an opportunity to get excited about it. I hope y’all are excited too! Only five more weeks!

If you are looking for more romance books, this link will take you to a list of over 130 clean and sweet books. So pursue away!

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