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Swindler’s Deleted Scene

It’s been quite a while since I shared a deleted scene with my subscribers. In fact, I haven’t added any from my fairytale books. Sheesh. I’ve been slacking. Though in my defense, in searching for a scene to share, I really didn’t have all that many. I think I must be getting better at recognizing when a scene isn’t working and switching directions early on instead of writing entire scenes that I have to throw out completely. So that’s a plus!

For those of you who are signed up for my newsletter, this is a deleted scene from The Swindler’s Daughter. I originally wrote this as the opening scene for the whole book. It starts earlier in the timeline than it does in the final book. This scene overlaps with one of the festival scenes in Cloaked in Scarlet. I left it as-is, which means you’ll notice that in this draft, John’s sister is named Scarlett. Originally I named her with the intention of her being my Will Scarlet character, but then when I settled on the title Cloaked in Scarlet for Emeline’s story, it didn’t make sense to name her that, so I switched it to Gretchen when I realized she would play the part of Gretel in my upcoming Hansel and Gretel retelling.

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