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Stepping Into a Book

Firstly, Waking Roslyn releases in ONE WEEK. 😳

If you would like to help me spread the word (because I could use all the help I can get), here is a link to some graphics that you can download and use on social media.

Story Time

I was in Europe two weeks ago.

It’s not the first time. I’d been twice before, but this time was different because this time, I was the ADULT. It was just me and my daughter, which meant that I didn’t have a husband or other adultier adult that I could count on to do all the things. I’m pretty dang proud of myself for being brave enough to take it on since taking on big adventures is not in my nature. I’m fine being at home with my books, thank you very much.

It was awesome though. We saw Venice, Rome and London. Lots of amazing sites to see, but the one I’ll share with you is from our very last day. Our first day in London was a chaotic afternoon riding the double Decker bus around the swarming streets of central London. But on our last day, we took the underground to a different part of London, where we got off and I went, “Oh good, we landed in the pretty part of London!” This area was much more my speed. Because while I enjoyed seeing Big Ben and Tower Bridge, this part of London allowed us to stroll and admire the pretty houses without the extreme chaos of central London.

THEN, we went to Hyde Park! If you’re like me and have read what might be considered an exorbitant amount of regency romance, you’ve heard of Hyde Park. You know Hyde Park. Your soul Longs for Hyde Park. It’s the place to stroll, the place to see and be seen as you show off your latest, most fashionable gown. The place to go for a horseback ride, or a jaunt in a carriage with a suitor.

At least, you know, that’s what it was in my mind. In reality, it’s just a really great park with lots of runners on the trails. Nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary (though the swans were a fun surprise), but for someone who has spent so much time in books, it was a chance for me to have that sense of stepping into one of my novels and walking where those characters have walked.


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Clean Romance Highlights

A Heart Sufficient by Nichole Van is book 4 in her Scottish Highlands series, and it’s fantastic.

He’s determined to vanquish his enemy, but to do that he must stop this mad attraction to his enemy’s daughter.

Mask of Deception and Sacrifice by Callie Thomas is a new release.

If she can remove the monster’s mask, she will earn her freedom…but failure will cost her life.

Assassin of Fire and Sacrifice by Mary Mecham releases tomorrow.

To assassinate her target, she must marry her enemy.
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