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I am an (aspiring) author. I have one completed book and one on the way. However, whenever someone asks me what genre my book is, I tend to get tongue tied, or freeze up. I have a tough time putting my books into any one genre because I don’t feel like they quite fit into any.

Let me explain.

Romance: My books are romances first and foremost, but they are better classified as clean romance. I feel like so much of the time ‘romance’ gets a bad rap because of harlequin and all the scantily clad characters on their book covers, and my books do not fit in with those. There is nothing explicit, at all, in my books. However, the main focus of my plots are the relationships my characters have and how they make those relationships work. I love the hand holding, the first kisses and the fluttery feelings. Yes, I am a sap.

Young Adult: How do you classify a young adult book? Is it just the age of the character? Does  it need to be a coming of age story? My main charaters are in their teens, but they live in a place and time where they are considered adults.

Adult: For some reason, when I think of ‘adult’ books, my mind links them with ‘adult’ films, or ‘adult’ content. I realize that’s not the case, but it’s just one of those funny tricks that my brain likes to play in order to confuse me. I think that plenty of adults will enjoy my book. I just don’t know what qualifications are necessary, or if there are any.

Historical Fiction: There is simply nothing historical about my book. It happens ‘back in the day’, several hundred years ago, but at an unspecified time, in a made up place.

Fantasy: My books occur in a made up land–a kingdom of my own creation. However, there are no fairies or out-of-this-world creatures, so it’s really not fantastical.

You see my dilemma? Or am I just being too particular?

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