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Tag: Tales of Winberg

Connections and Cover Reveal

How do we connect with others? What kind of connection do we crave? What kind of connection are others satisfied with?

When it comes to writing romance, especially sweet romance, there is so much of the story that is about connection. Since I don’t utilize sex to demonstrate vulnerability and intimacy, I instead rely on all of the ways people connect before they reach that level. But even after we find the one and are in a long term committed relationship, we still have to connect with our spouse in order to keep that relationship and bond strong.

At Summer’s End

This summer has been…I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe that’s because the last week has chewed me up and spit me out. If I were more clear headed it would be easier to just label it as busy. It was certainly that. We went. We did. We traveled. We camped. We visited. We were visited by others.

There was lots of family. Lots of friends. Lots of time with our kids in different places.

There were beautiful highs and horrifying lows. It was a summer packed full of busy living. Maybe it was too much for a homebody like me.