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Romance Genre, Reclaimed

Firstly, Cloaked in Scarlet is part of a huge Little Red retelling sale. All are $.99 from Oct 20-22. I will include the full list of links at the bottom of this post.

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Now, on to my ramblings…

I was recently chatting with a new reader who had discovered my books. she told me that for a long time she had sworn off romance novels, not necessarily because they were too spicy, but because too many of them portray sexual assault as romance. This was a popular thing back in the 80’s and 90’s and is still plenty prevalent in some romance today. But as she told me about how happy she’d been to discover the clean romance genre and be able to dive back into romance novel, it honestly made my heart swell.

How great is it that because of indie publishing, we’ve been able to reclaim our share of the romance genre? Is makes me so happy to see all the author account promoting their no spice, or low spice content, letting readers know that if you prefer your romance to stay at a simmer, we’ve got you covered!

Clean romance was a very small niche market when I got into the game ten years ago. And they were hard to find. I read every Carolyn Brown book I could get from my library, even though I didn’t love how combative the main characters tended to be, because at least they weren’t bodice rippers, right? But now it’s not just a niche. The no-spice romance genre is thriving. Authors and readers are able to find what they want, at whatever spice level they prefer, because so many of us authors were able to bypass the big publishing gatekeepers and sell straight to readers.

I just love it.

Here’s those links:

🐺In a Dark, Dark Wood by Cece Louise:…/dp/B09FHWL59M

🐺The Baker and the Wolf by J.M. Stengl:…/dp/B09464QCG5

🐺The Wolf’s Golden Deception by me, Alesha Adamson:

🐺Scarlett and the Dark Wood by Mary Mecham:…/dp/B0C3FH8CNC

🐺Kidnapped at Dusk by Leialoha Humpherys:…/438d193a-eea3-11ed-a534… *Snag your free copy

🐺Cloaked in Scarlet by Annette K. Larsen:…/dp/B09TQ7VR6X

🐺The Wolf’s Daughter by Kendra E Ardnek:…/dp/B0B2ZVY8R9

🐺Girl in the Red Hood by Brittany Fichter:…/dp/B018N6RWGM

🐺The Healer and the Huntsman by Sarah Beran:…/dp/B09TJS64HN

🐺Crimson Claws by Abigail Manning:…/dp/B0BCV5Y1K2

🐺Wolfskin by W.R. Gingell:…/dp/B00TBAY59M

🐺Song of Moonrise by Deborah Grace White:…/dp/B0C3HCK8HH

Clean Romance Highlights

Don’t Marry the Mechanic is a fake fiancé romance by Emily C. Childs.

She needs a fake fiancé. He needs extra cash. So when childhood friends pretend to fall in love, what could go wrong?

The Starlit Prince is a new release from C.F. Black.

To break his curse, he must break her.

Transformation by Camille Peters is a Swan Lake retelling and a new release.

What if the Swan Princess and the Black Swan were one and the same?
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