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A Little of Everything

If your kindle is looking a little sparse, here’s a whole list of closed-door romance books! There’s a little of every sub-genre, so there’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy.

In other news, I made this offer on my socials, but I figured I’d offer here as well.

For reasons unknown to me, the shipping estimates for the Hardcover edition of Just Ella are 6-7 weeks. That’s a long time, and I don’t know what in the world they’re doing over there on Amazon that’s causing such a delay, and I don’t even know if those estimates are accurate. I just know that those long estimates have scared some people away from buying one because who wants to wait that long?

Since my book has two different covers, this is my little guide for what to expect. They are all part of the same listing on Amazon. You just have to click through the different formats.

So, here’s the deal. I have about 15 of these babies sitting on my shelf, waiting for the weather to warm up so I can sell them at farmer’s markets. I’d just as soon sell them to people now. So if you’re in the U.S. and you’d like to just buy one of my copies and have me sign it and send it to you, I’ll totally do that. Just respond to this email and we can talk logistics. It’ll be $26, same as the Amazon price, and I’ll cover the few dollars to send it through media mail. It should reach you in a week or less—much better than 6 weeks! So if that interests any of you, please reach out!

This isn’t all of them. There are more on a different shelf.

Progress on Waking Roslyn is moving along. I was finally able to revamp and expand the climactic scene, and now I get to work on making sure that the falling action and resolution are everything I want them to be. If I’m lucky I’ll get that all buttoned up in the next week so that (hopefully) I will have time to get some final feedback from my favorite beta readers before I pass it on to my editor for a line edit.

Waking Roslyn is on preorder and will released on April 11th. Yes, there will be a paperback that will be available around the same time. Yay!

Clean Romance Highlights

Bringing Round the Cowboy by Mora Ash Wildes is a new release.

Can a wounded veteran win back his broken family with the help of the holidays?

Matched With Her Runaway Groom by Britney M. Mills is a romantic comedy.

A cruise should’ve been their honeymoon.
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