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Book Update

Waking Roslyn is moving along and set to be released April 11th. I’ve just sent it off for a line edit, which means that I can take a breather. I hit that deadline—Phew!

A lady whose life is being threatened.
A servant who’s been trained to protect.
Will that be enough?

Now I get to turn my focus to a new project, which I’m really excited about. These final stages of writing Waking Roslyn have been tougher than usual, so the idea of getting to dive into a fresh new story with limitless possibilities is a lovely feeling. Wish me luck!

Story Time

It was my birthday the other day. I hit the big 4-0. And since I’m admitting and celebrating my age, I’m going to share a story that will show my age.

My freshman year of high school was 1998. I was fourteen and it had only been the year before that my family had acquired a desk top computer for our home. It was a nine-inch, all-in-one Macintosh—a thing of beauty, it was. My experience with computers up until that point had involved Oregon Trail on the elementary school computers, and learning how to use Word on middle school computers.

Then I moved up to high school, and on a whim, I signed up for a keyboarding class my freshman year. It wasn’t required, but I took it anyway. It would have made more sense for me to get started on my foreign language requirements instead of putting those off a year, but instead I took a bunch of electives.

Funny how little decisions like that turn out to mean so much more than we could have ever anticipated.

I went into high school having little experience with computers, but by my junior year, we were expected to be able to produce power point presentations, and all final writing assignments had to be typed. The world was moving fast, and boy was I glad that I knew how to type.

I’m even more glad now. Sure I could have slogged through two-finger typing to get through school, but what about this profession I’ve created for myself? Would I have been able to write books if I hadn’t developed that skill early on? Would I have wised up and taken a keyboarding class later in high school? College? I sure hope so, but I don’t know.

Regardless, I’m grateful for that little decision, and for so many other little decisions. I rarely knew what they would mean at the time, and it’s been a delight to look back and see how those seemingly insignificant decisions turned into a dot-to-dot that eventually made a beautiful constellation.

That’s how aging is. Each year provides more bright stars that burn in our soul and fill out the image of our life.

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